Core Values – a factor in starting a Business?

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Some might think that it’s somewhat idealistic to believe that you can start a business, be successful, make money and still keep to a set of important values or principles whilst taking over the (Business) World!

7K0A0603In fact it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be successful if you aren’t passionate about what it is you are intending to do. Passion and enthusiasm are important drivers for anyone setting up in business but emotional energy should be treated with care, it’s not always conducive to clear, focused and constructive thinking but a balance can be, and perhaps ought to be, struck.

Have a look at these pointers below and see if they are relevant for your company, can  you adjust your practices to create a more personal, moral or value led enterprise?



Be Different.

Stand out from the crowd. Original ideas or improvements on an existing idea can resonate with customers and creating something new or individual is always going to create somewhat of a buzz amongst fans or devotees of the original product, service or idea.

This isn’t about product development but purely and simply around the way you look at and approach ideas and innovations. Huge budgets aren’t a guarantee of success and not every company has that spending power, in fact this often results in ‘tried and tested’ methods as the risk of trying something completely different and losing lots of money is viewed as too much of a risk.

A ‘non budget’ driven approach often leads to a far more innovative and creative way to approach business issues. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised?

‘Au Naturel.’

This can apply to ingredients, processes, staff, training, marketing in fact almost every aspect of your business.  The implications for companies that work in the Food Industry are obvious but how do these same principles apply to service or other non-food related businesses?

Marketing, Sales and Customer facing positions can all apply this approach. Sales people in particular, are often keen to use obscure phrases that mean little to their potential customers, ‘A strange coincidence of circumstance’ or ‘We can be all things to all men’ are amongst some of the most ridiculous that I have come across.

Speak, treat and respect customers, staff and anyone that you come across as you would like to be treated. It’s simple advice but cut out the waffle and speak clearly, concisely and answer the questions that are being asked not the ones you want to answer!


Care More.

Easy Offices Marketing

The initial thoughts upon reading the title might be based around signs of weakness or lack of strength or resilience.  In fact this isn’t what is meant at all, it refers to the relationships with other companies and individuals that you build and rely upon to run your business and of course your customers!

No matter what it is your company does you will rely upon others at some part of the supply chain to carry out your own role or duties. Find out what is important to your suppliers, customers and staff and try and help them where you can.





This might mean paying suppliers on time, being flexible with staff members if they have children during holidays, applying discounts to all suppliers not just the ones you do the most business with or generally just be more thoughtful and dare I say it, ‘human’.

Organising Company days where your staff work for a charity for the day or a supplier, customer can have far reaching benefits. These are incredibly powerful bonding sessions for staff and the intrinsic value is shared and felt by all those concerned.

Try it! In our hectic and busy lives we sometimes forget just how rewarding it can be to even think about, never mind helping others!

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