5 things you can learn about office design from Google

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Inside Google's London offices, union flags adorn the walls and the google logo shimmers in a display on the left hand side

With their distinctive offices “designed to encourage interactions and spark conversation about work and play“, their quirky corporate headquarters is a world away from the traditional workplace. With Google’s office layout, one thing is for sure, you won’t find any cubicle style, fluorescently lit offices on their stumping ground, unless they are being ironic of course.

When it comes to Google’s office design, think swimming pools, roof gardens and pub style lounges, all with the aim to promote creativity and stimulate the mind, but strangely enough with an empire as successful as theirs we think that there are a couple of desks hidden way somewhere.

What they have shown is great success from developing unconventional workplaces. Whether you wish to follow suit in terms of developing an innovative company culture or simply want inspiration for a fun and vibrant modern office décor, here’s what we can learn from Google office design.

1.       Be Bold

 The brand identity from Google’s brightly coloured logo is evident in any office you visit. You are immediately hit with a flash of colour and their fittings are just as bold. Conventional chairs are not commonplace, instead bathtubs, deckchairs and even igloos are your seating options. Get the Pantone colour chart out and think brig

2.       Be Unique

 No Google office is the same. Each has their own distinct character which takes its location into consideration. You’ll find Union Jacks blazoned over their London HQ, and take a trip to Dublin where you will find a replica Irish pub style lounge. If you have several offices, don’t follow conformity and give each a different style which reflects its location and workforce.

3.       Be Comfortable

 Google believes in giving their staff a place to think. Huddles, Granny flat lounges and libraries allow staff to leave their desk and indulge in some quiet thinking time. A little too comfortable? Napping is often encouraged as long as you don’t sleep through your next meeting. The strong Wi-Fi connection wherever you go allows work to continue as normal.

4.       Be Sociable

 A games room or activity space is a common theme throughout Google’s offices worldwide. This promotes relaxation and is a great opportunity to get away from your desk. They aren’t solely used during break times however, Google often holds internal meetings in their “play“ areas to kick off brainstorming and break the ice between co-workers who aren’t well acquainted. Perfect for those all important social event.

5.       Be Welcoming

 Technology has made the workplace leaner. Without the endless need for paper and filing cabinets, the only working requirement is a laptop and internet, increasing the amount of workers who choose to operate remotely. This is why Google makes their office so appealing- they want their staff to come to it. They make their offices dynamic and flexible, defined by the people who occupy it not the other way round. The things you think are frivolous like the climbing walls and indoor swimming pools are there to attract, with the aim to create a greater sense of community and as a result, greater levels of communication.

Google is famous for its ease of communication and we want to take a leaf out of their (guide)book, if you’re confused by any of the office space terms we use, head to out Glossary of Flexible Work Space terms to get the lowdown on some of the most googled terms!

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