Affirmations for Confidence at Work

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Between meeting deadlines, managing other people’s expectations, and explaining your performance to others, it’s common for people to lack confidence on the job from time to time. But with little room for off-days, many have turned to out-of-the-box ways of reducing work-related stress and getting their self-confidence back.

Search trends show a 268% increase in searches for ‘Affirmations for confidence’ as people buckle up for the final, fast-paced months of the year. While some may be quick to write affirmations off as ineffective, studies show that they can be successful in relieving stress and boosting self-confidence.

Here are five affirmations you can try for improved confidence at work.

1. I am worthy of my position

Do you ever feel like you don’t deserve your job title or position? If so, you’re not alone—a national study found that a third of millennials have experienced imposter syndrome at work.

The importance of affirming that you are not an imposter is paramount. Understand that it’s natural to experience a level of insecurity, and it’s no bad thing—use it as fuel to work harder and prove yourself wrong. 

You have been chosen to fill your role at work for a reason; you are capable, skilled, and you are worthy—today, tomorrow, on good days and bad.

2. My opinions are valid and valuable

Sometimes, it can feel as though your opinions aren’t getting through to anyone. But this doesn’t mean that your views are in some way invalid or that people don’t value your thoughts and ideas. 

Often, all you need is a change of strategy. Try offering your input at a different time or through another channel, like setting up a face-to-face meeting instead of a virtual one—85% of people report multi-tasking in video meetings—not exactly a recipe for undivided attention.

Your opinions are valid, valuable, and important—stand by what you have to say and be persistent.

3. What I do is important and impactful

It can be easy to lose sight of the long-term objective and feel that your work isn’t making an impact. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it can take time for the fruits of your labour to grow. Keep going, and your persistence will pay off.

Office environments can be low on praise, and so it’s normal to lack confidence in the effect your work is having. That’s why it’s always worth chatting to a work friend or trusted colleague when you feel this way. An outside perspective can quickly make you realise that people appreciate your hard work.

What you do is important, and your work will make a difference.

4. Every challenge is an opportunity for personal growth

If you’re struggling to find the confidence to stand up to a challenge, that’s okay. Know that there are things to learn whether you rise to the challenge or not. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed; many hands make light work, and no one will judge you for admitting when something is difficult. If anything, asking for help will show people you won’t let pride get in the way of good work.

No matter what, you will emerge from this challenge stronger than ever. Every challenge is an opportunity for personal growth.

5. My best work is ahead of me

The sky is the limit, and you certainly haven’t reached it. Find confidence in knowing that your best work is yet to come, and it will be better than you can possibly imagine.

Never settle. If you keep an eye out, there are always new ways to do your job even better. Learning is a lifestyle; keep going!

Your progress is infinite. You will only get better, stronger, more confident. Your best work is ahead of you.

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