Office Space in Battersea Proposal

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Five blocks of Commercial Office Space are a prominent feature in Real Estate Opportunities‘ (REO) latest plans for the Battersea Power Station site.  The new proposal would see the 32 acre, derelict site transformed to include extensive Commercial Office Space as well as a retail area, residential development, restaurant, hotel and underground tube station link. 

A substantial part of the proposed lay-out, including the area housing 5 office blocks, will be covered by an enormous “Eco-Dome” providing the area with energy saving features such as ample natural light and ventilation.  Once a carbon producing giant, these innovative and sustainable provisions will help to cleanse the site of its previous environmental sins.

The proposal will be put before a community consultation on the 7th July, after which a planning application is expected to be filed towards the end of 2008.  If successful the project will add a significant amount of sustainable, eco-minded Commercial Offices to the existing Conventional and Serviced Office space in the Vauxhall and Clapham Junction areas.

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  1. Donna Townsend

    …Sounds like they are finally going to make good use of that space that has been sitting unused for 20 odd years!

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