Are Managed Offices Right for My Business?

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This week we are looking at the difference between serviced offices, managed offices and conventional offices. There are some grey areas between these different types of offices but we aim to provide a basic guide which will help you to become aware of the fundamental offerings of each of the three letting options.

In today’s blog we are looking at Managed offices, for more information on renting flexible office space, and for help searching for offices in your local area, please contact us on 020 3773 2893.


What are Managed Offices?

As pointed out above there are some grey areas to deal with when differentiating between managed and serviced offices. Like serviced offices, managed offices can usually be taken for a relatively short time period. You may be required to make a slightly longer initial commitment of maybe up to, or over, a year, however this can vary depending on the office operator.

What do Managed Offices Typically Provide?

Managed offices will usually come fitted out with carpets, curtains, partitioning and cabling but normally without furniture and sometimes with no IT or telecom facilities. Additionally there will often be no reception area at the building entrance and fewer business services available on hand. However the day to day basics like office cleaning are usually offered.

Are Managed Offices the Right Choice for my Business?

Because of the need to bring in your own office furniture, and slightly less flexible licence terms, you may want to consider a managed office if you are looking to stay put at your new location for the duration of a year or more. Bear in mind that in most cases you will likely have to set up your own IT and telecom provisions as well. Managed offices offer a good option for those wanting to stay relatively flexible and who do not require the complete range of business services offered by the serviced office concept.

Look out for tomorrow’s blog covering the fundamentals of conventional office space!

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  1. Great Post!Managed Offices comes as a great option for those who are wanting to set up a new business.These kinds of offices will prove to be useful.

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