Business Environment Produces Innovative Service Excellence Guarantee Guide

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Business Environment has produced a Service Excellence Guarantee Guide, published as a book! A first for the serviced office industry, the operator has created the guide to show clients how seriously the company is about good service levels across its business centres.

Before compiling the guide Business Environment conducted a survey which polled 1000 companies, asking a variety of questions regarding service. Results revealed the negative impact that bad service has on clients across UK workspaces.

At the top of the complaints list was bad air-conditioning with one in five UK workers finding that the air-con in their office was inadequate. However this was just the top of the pile as the survey revealed many other gripes including bad-mannered front of house staff, something which was to blame for nearly 50% of professionals being put off from doing business with associated companies.

Maintaining good service has always been one of the top priorities for management at Business Environment. Managing Director David Saul called service levels “crucial” for providing the right working environment for clients.

David commented: “We’re so confident in our ability to provide a top level service that we’re putting our promises in black and white for everyone to see – from front of house service to cooling and heating systems and emergency procedures for power failures – it’s all there so clients know exactly what to expect and can hold us to it.”

The survey also showed that a lack of focus on customer service was being felt by staff within their own businesses. Of those surveyed one in three said that they thought their company was not delivering good customer service to clients.

David added: “No matter what the core service or product that you are offering, high customer service levels remain essential, particularly in today’s competitive business landscape. Ensuring staff understand and are rewarded for delivering excellent service should be part of every company’s culture.”

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