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The Easy Offices team have been pleased to congratulate Neil Luxton, managing director of the company which shares their office space, on winning his election campaign to become local Councillor for Walton Central.

Neil runs communications company Trident Voice & Data Ltd, which delivers a range of telecom solutions to businesses in the South East. Trident has been sharing office space with Easy Offices in Walton-on-Thames for a number of years, over which time members of the two teams have become good friends.

Earlier this month, Neil was put forward in local elections for the right to represent Walton Central at the Civic Centre in Esher. Standing for The Walton Society, he fought off other candidates Lewis Brown of the Local Conservatives and Graham Smith of Labour to claim a convincing victory; of votes cast 138 were taken by Labour, 766 by the Conservatives and 1031 by The Walton Society.

Neil has lived in Walton with his wife and children since 1999. This is his initial entry into politics and he has described his electoral journey as “an astonishing experience”. Neil commented: “When I sat and watched the ballot cards being counted on Thursday night, noting the crosses marked against my name, the scale and import of it all really struck home.”

The self-described optimist has admitted that he will certainly have his work cut out for him over his four year term as an Elmbridge Borough Councillor. Neil has said that initially he will be looking at how to solve the town’s parking issues, something which affects residents, traders and commuters. He will also be fighting to stop the land currently used by Walton & Hersham FC being sold off for development.

Throughout his term Neil has promised that his heart will be in preserving the town and in finding local, precise solutions for solving Walton’s problems. He said: “In my four year term, I will endeavour to make my idealistic nature prevail over bureaucracy and my enthusiasm to win over conflicting demands.”

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