Fun Quiz: Twenty Questions on Serviced Office Operators

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???  Test your general knowledge of the serviced office industry with our fun quiz below! All of the questions revolve around past events involving serviced office operators as well as some more general operator facts. There are 20 questions and, with one bonus point available, a total of 21 points to be scored in total. You will find the answers at the bottom of the quiz….don’t cheat!! ???

ONE Which serviced office operator won the title for Business Centre of the Year at the 2011 BCA awards after claiming all three finalist spots?

TWO Under which ticker symbol does Regus appear on the London Stock Exchange?

THREE In which town did Orega open its first business centre during April 2001 which later earned the title of Business Centre of the Year at the BCA awards?

FOUR Name the former CEO of disbanded MLS group who once appeared on TV show The Secret Millionaire?

FIVE During various organised events Avanta raises money each year for which children’s medical Charity?

SIX In which year and country was Regus founded by CEO Mark Dixon?

SEVEN Which serviced office operator claims to have the highest staff-to-client ratio in the industry?

EIGHT The reception area of which london building is home to the largest privately-owned fish tank in Europe, where Landmark Plc offers 36,000 sq ft of serviced offices?

NINE Name the serviced office operator taken over by Regus during the final quarter of 2010, adding a further 13 business centres to the Regus portfolio countrywide?

TEN Founded in Milton Keynes in early 2009, which rapidly-expanding operator announced new business centres in locations including Aldersgate, Greenwich Peninsula and Manchester within the last 6 months?

ELEVEN One of London’s original skyscrapers, which 32 storey building located in central London is home to the exclusive Paramount Member’s club which includes actor Stephen Fry? Name the serviced office operator found at the building for a bonus point!

TWELVE As part of the all-inclusive pricing package offered by Business Environment, clients receive a weekly delivery of which sugary confectionery treat to their offices?

THIRTEEN In early 2010 Avanta announced that it would be branching out into longer-term leasing and the conventional office space market with the launch of a new brand called….?

FOURTEEN The four unique brands Argyll, Palladia, Corpnex and Grosvenor all come under which group umbrella?

FIFTEEN What was the name of the card scheme introduced by Regus in summer 2008 that offers flexible access for travelling businessmen to any of its business centres worldwide?

SIXTEEN Which serviced office operator works closely with the Institute of Directors, offering specialised “hubs” in its Glasgow and Leeds business centres?

SEVENTEEN Part of the Regus portfolio, name the London building which houses the historic Lutine bell, salvaged from the wrecked British ship Lutine and rung before announcements of ships overdue or lost at sea.

EIGHTEEN Which operator runs celebrity hotspot the “Vanilla” Club at its Great Titchfield Street business centre in the West End?

NINETEEN With flexible office space in the UK and Hong Kong, which operator is part of Scarborough Group International, founded by Kevin McCabe in 1980?

TWENTY Which of MWB’s business centres boast a great claim to fame having featured in the filming of the 7th spy movie in the James Bond series, Diamonds are Forever?


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    ANSWERS BELOW     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ONE Business Environment


THREE Staines (Ash House)

FOUR Paul Williams

FIVE Sparks

SIX 1989, Brussels


EIGHT Heron Tower

NINE Abbey Business Centres

TEN i2 Office

ELEVEN Centre Point, Targetspace

TWELVE Doughnuts

THIRTEEN Avanta Property Management Limited (APM)

FOURTEEN Executive Offices Group

FIFTEEN Businessworld

SIXTEEN i2 Office

SEVENTEEN Lloyds Building


NINETEEN Forsyth Business Centres

TWENTY 107 – 111 Fleet Street (The business centre houses London’s oldest working lift which was featured in the film)


How Did You Do?

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14 – 17 points – Serviced Office Gossiper! Not Bad, you obviously have a good idea of whats been happening with the big wigs!

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