Renting Office Space, Serviced Office Advantages and Disadvantages

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Easy Offices advisors are frequently asked “What advantages will my business get from renting serviced office space?” well for companies unsure of what a serviced office business centre can offer them below is a list of just some of the major advantages of renting serviced office space.  Easy Offices sit independently within the office space industry and we want our clients to know that they are choosing the right office option for them so we’ve also given a list of some disadvantages that companies should be aware of when considering a move to serviced office space.  To find out more why not give our sales team a call on 0800 085 5050 and we will advise on how a move to serviced offices can benefit your company!


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  • Flexibility of Lease – short term leases, “ready to go” offices available for immediate occupation, vacate and move in quickly and at short notice, signing leases requires no legal costs and usually no references
  • Minimal Overheads – minimal up front deposit, no fit out costs, no dilapidation costs, all inclusive monthly payment means ease of budgeting (IT and telecom packages usually the only additional extra)
  • Ease of Expansion or Reduction – companies can expand or reduce space quickly and easily meaning that they don’t waste money on idle space and can expand without changing their business address
  • Business Support – business centres usually provide manned reception and admin staff, offering secretarial services as well as onsite meeting and conferencing facilities available on demand when you need a little extra support
  • Professional Image – you can always be assured that both the exterior and interior of the business centre is maintained to a high standard, helping your business project a professional image at all times, all interior cleaning is taken care of within the work station price  

Serviced Offices, Serviced Offices, Serviced Offices, Serviced Offices



  • Can be Expensive Long Term – although the prices of serviced offices can save money on the short-medium, serviced business centres can prove expensive when renting in the long term
  • Uniform Offices – business centres vary from converted buildings to built for use properties, some are full of traditional features or offer quirky, unique space (see our unique centre of the month section for more details) however some built for purpose centres can suffer from being rather uniform with offices that are all the same
  • Branding – some centres come fully branded meaning that they have their own over-door and internal signage making it obvious that companies are residing in a shared, rented business centre. Some centres however do come totally unbranded so that companies can give the impression of owning their own space.

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1 thought on “Renting Office Space, Serviced Office Advantages and Disadvantages”

  1. Serviced Offices Manchester

    The disadvantage of it being expensive in the long term is a debatable one.

    The costs really have to be put into context – you may well pay a small premium but surely this is worth paying to fix yearly costs and retain flexibility, which are both advantages to save you money in the long term!

    For example, a client who has been in serviced offices 4 years still has the option to downsize or leave if things aren’t going so well in year 5. In traditional leases, this option wouldn’t be available so would potentially cost more over 5 years!

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