Virtual Offices Explained

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Virtual Offices are popular with many types of business for many different reasons. From providing a presence in a new location for meetings or helping to create a Corporate image for smaller business the options are endless.

We’ll try and take away the mystery behind this Office Solution and look to answer the most common questions:

What is a Virtual Office?

What does it include?

Where can I find one?

Let’s look at these questions one by one:


What is a Virtual Office?

Simply put it’s an Office Location that can provide you with a ‘virtual presence’. Although you won’t physically occupy an Office in that building you will be able to arrange meetings there and to have mail or phone calls received at the address and forwarded on to you as needed.

For this very reason it’s often popular with small business that may be run from home but want an Office address for meetings or correspondence.

What does it include?

A Virtual Office provides either a mailing address, a telephone answering service or both. This allows you to have business cards printed with addresses and telephone numbers that will be answered by receptionists and helps present yourself as perhaps more of an established business than you actually are.

More companies are enhancing their Virtual Office solution by providing ‘touch down’ space, ‘hot desks’ or ‘Business Lounges’ that allow mobile workers the opportunity to work without having to resort to Coffee Shops or other free internet hotspots.

Where can I find one?

In previous years Easy Offices has worked with hundreds and possible thousands of Virtual Office Providers throughout the UK and Globally. As a result of customer reviews and feedback and our own internal research we now only deal with a very small handful of companies that specialise in this field. These companies all have dedicated support staff answering your phone calls and dealing with your post and with locations through the UK and Globally we’re happy to recommend their services.

Virtual Offices involve far more than just an address to put on a Business Card. You’ll want to be sure that your number’s going to be professionally answered and your post will be forwarded. To get in contact with the Virtual Office Companies that we recommend please visit our Virtual Office Page and fill out our Online Form.

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  1. The virtual office concept is very useful for small business firms and professionals.It may be concluded that the concept of virtual office is very advantageous for business owners those are hard pressed for capital funding, do not need a full time office space, and can operate their back-offices from home or on the move. This concept is growing very rapidly and has proved to be an important enabler of modern entrepreneurship development.

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