These days, startups are a major part of the business and corporate world, but growing your business and reach can be tricky. Securing an office space, hiring the right employees, and staying ahead of the trends can be extremely difficult – no matter what your product of vision is. You can find advice from established companies and industry experts on our blog that will help take your startup from grass roots to major success. Easy Offices’ articles feature tips, advice and easy guides on all the key topics and questions startups need answered. 

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What is a Managed Office Space?

When searching for new office space, there is so much choice available that it can be difficult to know which one will best benefit your business.  Managed offices have become a popular choice for several types of businesses looking to rent an office that includes everything they need without a huge …

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5 Cool Offices to Rent across the UK

There are a few things that are proven to boost employee productivity and happiness. Employees are actively looking to work with companies that offer the benefits that matter most to them, whether that’s their salary, enhanced paternal leave, or flexible working hours.  Once you’ve got those essentials sorted out, there are some …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Hot Desking

While the practice of hot desking has been around since the 1990s, it has gained significant popularity in the last decade with more people working remotely and more organisations realising the benefits of this modern way of working.  Coupled with ever-evolving technology, it’s become possible for people to work from any location, …

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2018 Startups: An investigation into the UK’s growing entrepreneurial empire

The UK is quickly establishing itself as a global leader in entrepreneurial growth, despite uncertainty after the much-discussed ramifications of the Brexit vote. In 2017, the UK was ranked eighth in the world for fostering entrepreneurship opportunities according to the Global Entrepreneurship Index. And with the UK startup scene growing …

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5 Startups to Watch in 2018

The UK’s startup revolution shows no signs of faltering, with cities from Bristol to London becoming global hotspots for fledgling businesses. With innovative new companies setting up shop across the UK, our research shows that the startup scene in the UK is alive and kicking. With this in mind, we’ve …

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