Meet the Global Businesses That Started in a Coworking Space

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When most of us think of coworking spaces, we might think of freelancers and independent consultants who use these spaces as a more affordable alternative to renting their own permanent office address. 

Coworking spaces are not just for these individuals, however, and there are a great many successful companies that have grown from just a small group that started off in a coworking space.

Here we take a look at some of coworking spaces’ most successful companies, where they started out and exactly how they got to where they are today so that you and your team can help replicate the same level of success.

What is coworking space? 

Coworking spaces are great as an inspiring place to work where individuals from different companies can easily collaborate, and where teams can get together. They tend to be popular with freelancers not only as they’re cost-effective , but also for the atmosphere they create, which many say helps them concentrate and really  get into a business-oriented  mindset.

Quite often, you will find that coworking spaces in certain buildings, and even in certain parts of a town or city, are occupied by companies that are interlinked in some way. As a result, you will likely find that technology companies predominantly hire out the coworking spaces in certain business centres , whilst in a similar style of building just a couple of streets away, media companies and individuals in journalism will be more prevalent.

Although on the face of things this may seem counterproductive as you may expect such companies to compete  with one another, in actual fact, it is this phenomenon that allows for collaboration between companies and the sharing of ideas that can greatly further and benefit everyone involved.

What makes a good coworking space?

The best coworking spaces are not only located at the heart of thriving industries, but they also come with access to a wide range of facilities.

Coworking spaces often offer hot desking services that allow individuals to rent a fully functioning desk space by the hour. Amenities often include Wi-Fi  access, a dedicated phone line, and access to the business centre’s facilities, such as on-site catering, coffee shops, vending machines, parking and sometimes gym access and laundry services.

Global businesses that started in a coworking space

Some of the most successful companies  that started out in coworking spaces include:

  • GoCardless – This innovative tech company has revolutionised the way that cardless payments can be made, using bank debit schemes to ensure swifter payments for subscriptions and one-off purchases. 
  • TrueLayer – Another company from the technology field, Truelayer give you instant access to open banking. 
  • Timehop – Popular with social media users of all ages, Timehop is a fun app that offers users a reminder of certain events and photographs from a random amount of years ago. Users can look back at where they were on today’s date a set number  of years ago and reminisce on events and the people they spent the day with. 
  • Instagram – Another social media giant, Instagram allows users to share and engage with photographs with just a few taps on their mobile phones. 
  • Uber – Founded in a coworking space by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp back in San Francisco in 2009, the Uber app offers users an easy way to connect with nearby taxi drivers. 

Coworking space near me

With offices offering coworking spaces for rent right across the country, it is highly likely that there will be coworking spaces available for rent in your area. Looking for a coworking space whilst abroad? These are also readily available. Search Easy Office’s international homepage to select your country of choice and get exploring . Some of the top coworking spaces in the UK include:

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There are numerous benefits of coworking spaces to be enjoyed that will better your business. Not only are coworking spaces great for creating a supportive, inspiring  working environment, but they are also great for networking. 

Read on to find out more about how coworking spaces are the new social networking clubs, how this can further your business, and how to find and book coworking space near you

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