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Even in the current financial climate with tough trading conditions and limited access to Finance many consider this to be a perfect time to start a business. Retail or Commercial premises might never have been cheaper and with Customers increasingly looking around at better and / or cheaper options then as long as you get your sums right you might be in with half a chance.

Business Planning is of course an essential part of starting a business. No Bank or Investor will consider lending or investing in your enterprise if you can’t produce a Business Plan with at least 1 years Cash Flow Forecasts but more increasingly 3 and 5 year Forecasts also. It’s also a misconception that the Business Plan is solely for the benefit of others, this is something that you should be constantly referring back to, checking actual results against forecasted and adjusting accordingly.


Although many people will often plan on working from home at the early stages of the business, for others this won’t be feasible and they’ll need to explore the options of renting an office. Depending where you are with your Business Plan and how close you actually are to trading will determine exactly what information you need but in any situation Easy Offices can assist you in planning for or occupying a new office.

If you’re at the early stages of the process then you might simply need some indicative figures for Office Costs so you can include them in your Financials and concentrate on other more pressing Business Concerns such as Market Research or Product Design. Further down the line and you’ll want to start looking at actual Office Buildings and to start finalising the actual prices for the Office and the Services you need.

Have a look at our Business Start Up Page or ask any questions you may have below.

4 thoughts on “Business Start Up Offices?”

  1. Thanks for the comment Jacob, but Serviced Offices are used by all different sorts of companies not just start ups. Swing Space which this post is about will apply to larger companies that have their own Offices but need to move out temporarily fior whatever reason.

  2. I think this trend will continue as we go more and more of an information based society. Nowadays Virtual office service is a most popular service because it is help us for solve small problem.

  3. Starting up your business is an expensive proposition. You are faced with the prospect of buying office furniture, computers, and software for a lot of employees. Look into the possibilities of telecommuting. Do not be hasty to jump into a several year lease for new business proposition. When you save money now, you will have more money for when you know exactly what you want.

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