Charwell House Business Centre a Haven for Happy Clients

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The team at Charwell House Business Centre have proudly announced the fantastic scores of their customer satisfaction survey 2011. Results have revealed that serviced office clients are very happy indeed, awarding an average overall score of 9.4 for general questions on business services and centre staff!

It would seem reasonable to say that such outstanding results speak for themselves but I wanted to dig a little deeper and see if I could pinpoint exactly what it is about the Alton serviced office centre that is proving so popular and what the team may be doing differently to their competitors.

I asked Charwell House team member Belinda to tell me why she thought clients were so satisfied with the service at the centre. Belinda told me: “I think the great thing about Charwell House is that nothing is too much trouble.” She then provided me with the below client quotation which she said: “probably sums us up really well.”

“I love your flexible ‘Can Do’ attitude and we value the approach to business that says “well just because no one’s ever asked for that service before, no reason why we shouldn’t offer to provide it.” Well done, you deserve every success.” Angela Smale, Universal Essences

When asked specific questions about the staff at Charwell House, customers gave an overall score of 9.6 for Willingness to Help, 9.5 for attitudes and a 9.7 for politeness, scores that reveal a near perfect year of staff excellence.

Another outstanding aspect of Charwell House, revealed by the survey, is the strong sense of business community that clients feel at the centre. Charwell has an established base of over 100 regular customers, most of which have now become long term. In-house business networking is encouraged with frequent events hosted by the “Hub Club”, a service that received a perfect 10 in the customer survey! Hub Club events encourage clients to make new business contacts in fun, informal settings, something which is obviously proving successful given that clients awarded Charwell an overall mark of 9.7 for “Networking / Referrals gained”

I asked Belinda to tell me more about the importance of integrating businesses at the centre, in response she provided with a quotation from another long term client that read: “I travel 20 miles to be part of the Charwell Community, even though there is another well-known business centre within walking distance of my home.” P Johnson, Stocks and Shares. Another quotation from the MD of a security company at the centre read: “We are all grateful to have your support and feel that you are part of our organisation. I hear that this is the way that our customers feel too.”

Staff excellence together with a thriving community spirit are certainly two of the biggest factors that are helping Charwell House to stand out from the crowd and draw in long term customers year after year. However this year’s survey also revealed that the team are excelling at, well….everything else actually!

The Charwell House Survey

Telephony (handset, voicemail etc) 8.7
Pick n Packing 9.7
Broadband 9.1
How do we look after your clients 10
Security/Access to building 9.3
Storage 9.4
Office Furnishings 8.3
Postal Address 9.7
Maintenance of Building 8.0
Registered Office 10
Kitchen Facilities 8.1
Meeting Rooms 9.8
Meeting Rooms / Facilities 9.3
Administrations Help 9.8
Car Parking 8.9
Telephone Answering 9.4
Audio Visual Equipment 10
Hot desk/day office 10
Welcome to Visitors 9.3
Psychometric Testing 10
Post/ Parcel management, sorting 9.6
Hub Club 10
Photocopying and faxing 9.7
Community Atmosphere within the Building 9.7
Reception Hours 9.5
Networking / Referrals gained 9.7
Cleaning 7.7
Attitudes 9.5
Tuck Shop 9.4
Politeness 9.7
Willingness to Help 9.6
Our communication with you 9.5

Charwell House is located in the historic market town of Alton. Offices are ideally located a short walk from the train station and the town’s host of local amenities. For more information, and to arrange a viewing at the business centre, please call 0800 085 5050.

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  1. Lovely write up guys! Community atmosphere is defo something that so many serviced office-type set ups can lack, can be quite a faceless market.

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