Office Park in Oxfordshire Sends Workers to Boot Camp

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In an effort to help encourage office workers to keep fit, the managers of a business park in Abingdon, Oxfordshire have created an onsite boot camp!

The open-air exercise arena has been officially launched at Milton Park, one of Europe’s largest business and science parks, following the demolition of one of the park’s unused buildings.

The large area left by the demolition of building 182 is now being used by workers from the estate to keep fit under the guidance of personal trainers from the Park Club, also located on the business park.

Making use of dumb bells, tyres and skipping ropes, boot camp attendees are put through a high intensity workout that consists of a 45 minute cardio routine.

Business Park managers, MEPC Milton Park, have said that the new boot camp initiative is part of an ongoing commitment to promoting healthy living on the business park.

Andrew Barlow, Commercial Director at MEPC Milton Park, Andrew Barlow, commented: “We are committed to the wellbeing of all our customers and using the outdoor space at 182 for Boot Camp, is another example of how we try to promote a healthy living here at Milton Park. We often see people jogging along our roads and we are even having a sporting theme to our Summer Party this year. I hope that more people will become involved in Boot Camp and that it continues to be a great success.”

Boot camp runs every Thursday and is open to people of all fitness levels. General Manager of the Park Club, Neil Morris, said: “Although Boot Camp is an extreme cardio workout, it still allows those taking part to work at their own pace. Our personal trainers have years of experience in getting people motivated during their workout. This class is perfect for those who want a quick fitness class to fit into their lunch break that gives a full body workout.”

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