Rain prompts calls for Disaster Recovery Office Space

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The recent heavy rains that are becoming all too common have resulted in an increase in enquiries for companies exploring the option of using Serviced Offices for Disaster Recovery. Although companies may have a Disaster Recovery plan in place, finances often don’t extend to having their own Office to move straight into in an emergency.

For this reason Serviced Offices are an ideal solution as they are fully equipped and can be moved into immediately, Easy Offices previously helped MedicAlert when their new Offices were flooded during fit out. They needed to move to a Serviced Office in London quickly, seamless and as affordably as possible and after enquiring with Easy Offices we helped them find a solution and they were moved into their new Offices within 3 business days.

Although most of the rain has been concentrated in the West of the UK as the above Case Study illustrates emergencies can occur in all sorts of situations so it’s always best to have a plan. If you want to get an idea of the cost of Offices to Rent as short notice in your area give us a call. We won’t need to pass your details on to any Office Providers if all you want is pricing for a Disaster Recovery plan.

Have you had a similar experience to MedicAlert? If so let us know in the comments.

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