Creating that ‘wow factor’

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One of my favourite Industry terms is without a doubt, ‘Offices with the wow factor’. As the name implies it relates to those offices that create a fantastic first impression, whether it relates to a stunning exterior like the award winning Richard Rogers designed Lloyds Building in London EC3 or whether it’s the stunning atrium and lobby areas that woo residents and visitors alike at a location like New Broad Street in London EC2, first impressions count!

It’s also one of the first questions we ask companies looking for Office Space, “Are you client facing?“

If a company has frequent client visits then it might be important for them to have a building that creates an impression that they feel correctly represents their business. Conversely if you have a Project Office or need Overflow Space that accommodates only internal staff with no external visitors then the ‘wow factor’ won’t be at all important to your company.



The reason why it’s one of the first questions our sales staff ask enquiring companies is because the ‘wow factor’ will come at a price when compared to Office Space that doesn’t. In the current financial climate no company wants to pay more an office space solution or anything else than they need to, so this is one of the initial ways we can identify where to point you in regards to finding you the perfect office. That said, if you do need to create a great first impression then we’ll do everything we can to find you choices within your budget so you don’t waste time searching or looking at offices that are nowhere near your budget or are completely unsuitable.

Regardless of where you’re looking or what you’re looking for, Easy Offices will endeavour to find you options that relate to your search criteria. Experience a superior level of service by calling us directly or have a look online at our Office Listings for further information.

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