Dixon Describes Regus as Becoming “Part of the National Infrastructure“ in Times Interview

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In an interview published by The Times newspaper this week Mark Dixon, CEO and founder of the UK’s leading Serviced Office operator Regus Plc, talked about Regus serviced offices as becoming an integral part of business life for UK companies.


Dixon discussed company performance, the recession, education and retirement.  But the most poignant part of the interview was how the entrepreneur described his vision for the future of Regus Plc which he said will become: “part of the national infrastructure, just like you used to have the local post office or the local pub.“ 


Talking about a mammoth extension of the Regus Serviced Office network, Dixon described a Britain inhabited by a Regus business centre community:  “It’s about convenience“ He explained “If someone lives in Penzance, it’s no use saying we’ve got an office in London or Bristol. They want one that’s down the road that they can use a few times a year.“  


Following the introduction of Regus’ new Smart Card facility, (a kind of step-up from hotdesking where the worker can use a prepaid card to gain access to any Regus centre nationwide) the concept of mobile working is clearly one that Regus is investing in.  Dixon said: “This is changing the whole face of real estate, which has been very fixed around the idea that we’ve got this building and everyone has to come to that building.“  A working model clearly not subscribed to by Dixon himself; when asked what gadget he could not do without he replied a Vodafone 3G card and superlite Lenovo laptop because “as a mobile worker, these items are indispensable.“


With the current growth in demand for the Virtual Office, together with a nationwide movement towards home working amidst the downturn, Regus’ augmented hospitality of the mobile worker will certainly interest the contemporary business.  And, with the successful new Smart Card now selling in bulk quantities to the likes of Nissan and Britvic, a Regus Serviced Office may soon be coming to a town near you! 


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Source: The Times (To read the full Times article click here)


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