How to grow your Twitter followers

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tweetSocial media is increasingly important for all businesses.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a large or small business, clients and prospects expect you to have an online social presence.

The question ‘do you have a Twitter account?’ Is usually shortly followed by ‘how many followers do you have?’

To many companies they don’t have enough followers. Twitter is a great way to reach out to clients and prospects alike and share news and add value to interactions.

See our tips for increasing your company’s twitter followers…

  • Let people know you’re on Twitter

It may sound obvious but let people know you are on Twitter. Actively promote your account through other channels such as business cards, literature, blog, merchandise, adverts and other social media channels such as Facebook and Linkedin.

  • Add value

Don’t just tweet about your product or service, make sure you look to add value to your followers. Adding value can be done in many ways such as circulating your blog posts, sharing news and mixing it up with fun and interesting tweets such as stats or even the occasional joke.

  • Follow

Follow others, aim to follow 10 new people per week. Don’t forget to follow people back too.

  • Interact

This is the most important point of all. Twitter is in real time so you have an opportunity to interact with stakeholders in the blink of an eye. You can show support for partners and clients and become active in the online community.

Get involved in conversations  and add #hashtags so your posts appear in trending topics.
Interact with your followers and those that you follow, it is important to be present and use your account as a 2 way channel.
Aim to tweet at least 3 times a day and  re-tweet 2 interesting tweets a day.


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