Red Nose Day – Is Your Office Joining In?

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It’s that time of the year again when Celebrities, Schoolchildren, Businesses and almost everyone else joins together for The list of fundraising events and activities are almost endless and I’m sure many of you will be in front of the television with a glass of wine tonight and hopefully your mobile phone texting in a donation.

But how many of you join in?

Events and days like this are a great opportunity for staff to join together, have some fun and make some money for a fantastic cause in the process. Easy Offices last had a Charity day for Macmillan in November when we had a Cake Bake in the Serviced Office we worked from. We managed to raise over ~150 thanks to the generosity of our staff in taking the time to produce a fantastic assortment of sweet treats and the other companies in the building who kindly supported our efforts.

This time around we’re going to be donning our aprons again for Red Nose Day and baking more cakes and hopefully raising more money again for a great cause. Due to a few absences today we’re going to organise ourselves on Wednesday next week so we’ll all be busy this weekend searching the internet for some inspiring recipes to take the Easy Offices Baking Crown!



We’ll be blogging again on this next week after our own efforts but we’d love to hear what everyone else is doing and how you all get on. As a company we feel strongly that these types of events bring the staff together in an incredibly positive way and the benefits reach far beyond the cheque we send at the end. There’s always a fair amount of banter and speculation about who’s going to be create the favourite and as we set it up in our own meeting room it also allows us to meet all the other companies in the building who are always generous in their support.

For more information on the day, please see the links below:

Red Nose Day – The Offical Site.

What the Celebs are up to – from the BBC website.

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