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Business today, whatever sector you’re in can be highly challenging, there are never enough hours in the day. The rewards can be great but the pace of business life is often fast and furious. The danger is that when the day to day takes over, staff motivation can often take a back seat.


So the question is, is it really that important?
Staff morale and motivation especially in office environments is like dominoes if one starts to wobble and fall the others soon follow.
A motivated workforce is a happy and productive workforce. In turn your happy and motivated workforce leads to happy and satisfied customers. Who wouldn’t want that, right? Read Easy Offices top five tips to help your staff love Mondays…



  • Define roles and goals

This sounds obvious but it is important employees understand what is expected of them, what is their day to day job, where do they fit within a company and what are the options for progression.. Employees need to know what success looks like for them, their team and the company overall.  Any ambiguity to a role or goal can leave employees feeling unsure, lacking confidence and overall a little lost.

Individuals: Ensure these areas are covered in annual appraisals and any changes to employee roles throughout the year.
Teams: Hold quarterly team briefings where the roles and goals of the team  are reiterated
Companywide: Regularly communicate the company’s annual goals to all employees along with an indicator of how close the company is to achieving each goal and what needs to be done to achieve the goal.
For employees knowing the company’s goals and understanding where they fit in and contribute is essential. It helps employees to have their eye on the prize.

  • Regular two way communication

Regular communication is key, don’t ignore your employees! Provide feedback positive or constructive, say when a job is done well, acknowledge when someone goes above and beyond their role for the greater good and say a few encouraging words when you see people trying hard.
Encourage two way communication it can empower and provide you with important insight and feedback.

  • Right tools for the job

Make sure your employees have the tools they need to complete their roles effectively. It’s amazing how many times employees are able to do their job better, faster and happier but don’t have the right tools.

  • Good environment

The quality of your office environment shouldn’t be underestimated. Everyone likes to work somewhere nice, clean carpets, working computers and phones, even a few nice plants dotted about.
Think about the area your in- what facilities does it provide and which does it not. Is there anything you can do to help employees out ie: there are no local shops – can you arrange for a sandwich van to come around?

  • Celebrate and share success

Every single employee is putting something into the business, ensure they are made aware of any successes and encourage internal successes to be promoted amongst peers.



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