Website Analytics – the Basics.

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Website Analytics – the Basics.

Do you have a website?

Do you how many people visit and from where they originated?

Do you know how long they spend on your site, which pages are the most popular or which forms users start but don’t finish completing?

Most companies now have websites. It’s become a necessity from most businesses, a 24 hour information and marketing board that allows customers to review, research and enquire even when your office is closed.

What a lot of companies don’t know though, is the basic information:

  • How visitors find your website.
  • Interact with your site.
  • Which pages are the most popular.
  • Where users click on the page.
  • How long they spend on pages.
  • Which forms are successful and which are not.

Access to this information allows you to make key decisions, changing form fields to increase submissions or optimising the most popular pages to increase conversions. Without this key information it’s incredibly difficult to make informed decisions or changes, with it you can look to increase traffic, enquiries and ultimately revenue.

But where to start?

Google Analytics – Free to join. Will give you information on where users originated, where they landed on your site, how many visitors, how long they spend, if they filled out a form.

It’s a comprehensive suite of products that is an essential for any business. It won’t give you the real specific details for some factors but it’s a great resource and a must have.



Clicktale –  This site offers information on where users click, form filling, visitor recordings, click and mouse heatmaps that show areas of the page of interest.

For detailed statistics on from filling and some of the other features you will need to pay but the free service with limited use to the resources is well worth signing up for and monitoring the information.

Crazy Egg – Similar to Clicktale with a heatmap showing where users clicked on certain pages and from which sources and keywords entered.  There is also a feature that shows how far users scroll down the page and the percentage of clucks for each link.

The website has a free trial but is a paid for service thereafter but still worth it if only for the first month’s statistics.

Survey Monkey – The website offers a limited number of free surveys for your website visitors on a monthly basis. You have full control over the questions, order and the responses – the paid service gives you a wider range of options and statistic but for many businesses the free service will be more than sufficient.


We hope this helps you find out more about how people are finding your website and the actions that take place once they are there. Decision making is a port of any business, making critical website changes without key data is not informed decision making, so utilise these and other software and websites to make the job far easier!

If you are taking a free trial for a limited period of time, often a month, it makes far more sense to use a busy period where traffic or orders are normally higher. As with any statistics, the higher number recorded should give you a more accurate picture.



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