Birmingham Office Space: Get Office Space for just ~3.80 a Day!

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How crazy does that sound, an office for ~3.80* a day?  This isn’t for a dilapidated back street office either.  We’re talking about prestigious office space in prime, central Birmingham locations.  Picture those highly sought after offices that you walk past and think you’ll never be able to afford.So how on earth is it possible that such exclusive addresses are accessible to us mere mortals running small businesses?


Well remember the good old days before we found ourselves catapulted into the recession?  A time when property prices were sky high and demand for commercial space was at a premium, you had to get in quick or miss out.  Well the office of 2009 is far more affordable and that might just enable some of those company owners who found themselves priced out of premium office now able to afford it.  


But there is another option for smaller businesses, especially those who are working from home but eager to build a strong, professional company imagine and are not yet able to justify the cost of a physical five-day-a-week office.  It’s the virtual office. A virtual office?  Well not really, it’s a real office in a real building with real people and it really does cost as little as ~3.80 a day. The main difference between the virtual office and the traditional physical office is flexibility and affordability.  


Anne Corstorphine is the Managing Director of City Spirit St Pauls and a Board member of the Business Centre Association.  She owns a prominent Grade II listed office building directly overlooking St Paul’s Square, in central Birmingham.   Anne comments: “Virtual offices are the perfect solution for home based, owner managed businesses or companies who need a small regional office.  They provide the perfect route for a non risk, gradual transition from the perception of a residential based company to that of an established, commercial entity. The beauty of the virtual office is flexibility allowing you freedom to choose how and when you work.  You can opt for just an address through to full reception and meeting facilities and a host of bolt on services.  You can even include the option for accessing ‘real’ workspace within the building by hot desking for a set number of hours each month.  This is perfect for growing companies who need a base but only for a few days each week or month.“


Anne continues: “In our experience at City Spirit St Pauls, we are finding the demand for the virtual office continues to increase.  In many cases clients who start off with a virtual office soon move lock, stock and barrel into one of our traditional offices and then stay with us as their company continues to grow. They like the flexibility of the virtual office, the prestigious location, the fact that they can hold meetings, run seminars, work from the office and even join our gym!   What really sells the virtual office though is the fact that is so affordable, you couldn’t buy a McDonalds for ~3.80!“




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*Price is ~3.80 + VAT



Source: City Spirit St Pauls


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