Eco-Friendly Office Solution from Serviced Office Company Avanta

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Amidst the downturn green issues may have been somewhat pushed aside by some businesses, however environmentally-aware serviced office company Avanta have just announced the launch of a unique computer power saving device designed to reduce office CO2 emmisions.


Avanta are hoping that all of their serviced office space tenants will take advantage of their new ecobutton™ which, when activated, allows the user to leave their computer idle but in an “eco-friendly“ reduced energy state.  If successful the ecobutton™ will be installed in all 4400 computers currently operating at Avanta’s serviced office business centres across the country, helping both Avanta themselves and their residing clients to reduce their own carbon emissions and know that they are doing their bit towards saving the environment.  It has been reported that the device could help Avanta to potentially save up to 2992 tonnes of CO2 a year!


Avanta has reported that David Kinnaird, Director of Group Operations, said:  “As a company, we are always looking at ways to reducing our energy use and encouraging occupiers to ‘think green’.  The ecobutton is the latest initiative which is geared towards reducing CO2 and of course there is the added financial incentive of reducing electricity bills. “


A great little gadget, we hope to see more innovative energy saving solutions like the ecobutton™ coming onto the serviced office market soon

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