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Each month we will be following 2 companies, both sharing their highs and lows and everyday business challenges, as they describe any issues or problems connected to their office any and the choices and solutions they come up with or are presented with.

The companies will remain anonymous as we want an insight into their office situation and not create a branding or P.R. exercise for them. Both are SME’s, in totally different industries where one company has decided to lease their own offices and the second is in a Serviced Office.

This is the post from the Company in a Serviced Office – they will be posting every month. We hope you enjoy the insight……………

As promised I will continue from my last blog by introducing you to the two (simply fantastic) ladies who take care of the building and tenants therein.

I don’t know what it was about reaching my adult years in the 80’s but it seemed that a lot of the most memorable characters (mainly TV characters) came in pairs: Crockett and Tubbs (Miami Vice), Bodie and Doyle (The Professionals), Cagney and Lacey, etc. Thus for the purposes of protecting the identity of our two heroines I will refer to them from time to time as Cagney and Lacey, although no meaning should be inferred from this other than the fact our TV characters were also two dynamic and effective ladies.

From the very beginning it was evident that the day to day on site management of a serviced office building which incorporates 60 self-contained offices would be the job of at least two very capable people.  In Cagney and Lacey it is evident that their roles and ability to cover for each other is seamless and efficient.

One of the most valued services provided to the tenants is the management of the reception area where visitors are greeted and the tenants’ post and deliveries are received, signed for and distributed throughout the building to the respective tenants. I really appreciate the service where post is delivered personally especially after having visited a more prestigious and more expensive office where the tenant was required to collect their own post which would be piled up on a table at the buildings’ entrance.  I feel that the facility offered by the serviced offices is more personal and also more reassuring from a security point of view, especially in my case where I receive post on behalf of clients.

The efficient and professional management of a reception area cannot be underestimated. When a client visits me at my office I am confident that they are greeted professionally, asked to sign in the visitors’ book then asked to take a seat in one of the comfy leather armchairs while I am made aware of their arrival in Cagney’s best Lady Penelope voice. This simple process at our office is every bit as professional as visiting any top firm of accountants in the city where I have worked previously, and frankly far nicer than one or two local firms which have musty old carpet instead of nice tiled flooring!

Another much welcomed facility is where all the usual tea, coffee, sugar and milk are provided for the tenants’ use. This may seem a small matter but it simply takes away the hassle of having to think about buying these items and takes away the fear of running out. As everyone knows running out of coffee can bring a small business to a grinding halt.

There is a lot more to talk about and in my next Christmas Special blog I will expand on how our two ladies working hard in the background undoubtedly provide a value added factor in the serviced office arrangement.

Until next month……Arrivederci.

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