Russian Art inside London Office Space

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Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to create an environment that is both productive but also comfortable and inspiring for staff. Interior Design tricks are often used to create the illusion of more space, indoor plants can be used to create a more relaxing environment….the number of ways and means to create different type of Office Space are almost endless but The Saatchi Art Gallery has come up with an incredibly innovative way of providing Art inside London Offices.

Instead of going out to see an Art Gallery, Saatchi have instead created the experience inside particular Offices helping create a visual display of Russian Art via TV screens. The Saatchi Gallery have allowed their Art Collection to be streamed into offices across the capital, with a little bit of help from digital trickery. London offices that already have ECNlive screens – typically used for live news streams and occasional adverts – will find art work from the two current exhibitions of new art from Russia at the Saatchi Gallery. The stunning images will be streamed into their Office Space instead which is part of a new initiative to encourage city workers to consider art they might not otherwise encounter.


‘The idea is to encourage different sorts of audiences into the gallery,’ says a spokesman. ‘By seeing a digital image they might feel inspired to then see it for real.’

It is estimated that more than 400,000 office workers in more than 100 offices will be able to view the two exhibitions with artwork depicting everything from former convicts to blazingly contemporary political satire, offering western workers a rare window into East European Art.

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