Serviced Office Operators in North London Convert Serviced Office Sceptics!

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Serviced Office operators in North West London are converting anyone who may be cynical about the cost effective benefits of renting serviced office space versus conventional leasing, particularly during the recession.  Churchill House Management, who are based in Hendon, North West London have told Easy Offices that they are striving to increase awareness of the serviced office industry, often eliciting surprise and scepticism amongst the uninitiated!


Drawing on the findings of the Chartered Institute of Purchase, an authoritative industry body, Sharon Czapnik of Churchill House Management commented: “Churchill House strongly feels that the 66% of commercial office clients that do not occupy their own premises are sorely missing out on the concept of the serviced office. According to the Chartered Institute of Purchase, serviced office space almost always cuts the cost of maintaining an office!“  


The current recession is forcing many businesses to seriously re-examine and limit their overheads and serviced office leasing can help to dramatically reduce costs for renting businesses.  Immediate-occupancy offices allow for low to virtually zero set up costs and the operator will typically require very minimal deposits meaning that initial capital outlay is significantly reduced when compared to conventional leasing.  All-inclusive pricing packages also allow for easy and transparent monthly budgeting.  Sharon continued: “Joining a serviced office provider will absorb the exposure to utility bills, insurance, business rates, maintenance, dilapidation, security, etc, that form the bulk of a business’ overhead risk. Of course, many small companies are going into liquidation even after cost-cutting measures, but we feel that the serviced office industry has much to offer when commercial overheads are being so closely monitored.“


Additional to these more generic serviced office lease advantages, clients of Churchill House Management also benefit from an address that allows them fast access into central London whilst remaining away from the City premium, helping to further reduce office costs.   Sharon told us: “We have had over the years several clients that have moved out of the centre of London in search of more cost-effective office space that still allows them access to the City. Equally important is the truism that nobody wants to spend an hour-plus commuting each way to work when they have a solution that works out cheaper in terms of money and time spent travelling (commuting time is also money!) Thus, our position straddling the arteries that we do, allows us attract clients from areas other than simply the North West of London.“


It is the profitable location of the Churchill House offices, together with their flexible lease terms, that make them an ideal choice for businesses renting during the downturn and reason enough to truly convert any serviced office sceptic into appreciating the benefits offered by these offices at a time when the immediate concerns of cost and value are so entirely dominating the marketplace. 



For more information and to arrange a viewing at Churchill House Serviced Offices in Hendon please call 0800 085 5050


You can view these fantastic North West London Serviced Offices in more detail HERE

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