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Following our recent article which discussed the big name serviced office providers offering office accommodation in the city of LeedsWhere and How to find a Serviced Offices in Leeds” we wanted to do a follow up article to include the smaller independent offerings of one of the UK’ s leading business and financial cities.

Whilst the offerings of well-know serviced office operators of the UK market, the likes of Regus and MWB, offer companies the flexibility and high quality promised by such big names their properties do not necessarily suit every business.   Independent office providers can often fill in the gaps for smaller, growing and start up businesses who may be looking for a more personal touch, as well as a focus on affordability, which can often by more apparent when dealing with independent organisations.

The final three serviced offices in Leeds City Centre, not mentioned in our previous article, are all operated independently.

First up is Prospect House, based on Sovereign Street, the other side of the station to the MWB and Regus serviced office properties.  This building is ideal for media clients as it is located within close proximity of the famous street The Calls. The Calls, one of the most charming streets in Leeds, represents a call back to the origins of the city’s working past.  Running parallel to the river Aire the area was once the arterial life force of the city.  It has now taken on a completely different feel, boasting bespoke eateries and bars bursting with character. These properties still respect the waterside heritage, with each of the venues located in what used to be thriving warehouses and offering food and drink seekers something quite different to the norm.


Run in conjunction with the University is Leeds Innovation Centre, based on Clarendon Road.  To take office space here it is not essential that you have any links to the University but If you do require laboratory space in addition to, or instead of, office accommodation they also have CAT2 serviced laboratories and access to a wide range of equipment and expertise.


Finally Mabgate Business Centre in Mabgate is a delightful renovated Mill just a few minutes walk from Leeds Central Bus Station. This property is ideal for a starter or growing business, allowing a look of professionalism and quality but, and importantly, at an affordable price.   Here configurations of between 1 and 4 person offices are offered, and multiples thereafter to provide larger suites suitable for up to 30 workstations.


To view our entire Leeds Serviced Office portfolio please click here or call us today on 0800 085 5050 to arrange a viewing at any of the properties.

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  1. With office rental increasing, it doesn’t make much sense to have a physical office. I believe the future of most businesses will be virtual and leveraging off using a virtual office space.

  2. In the face of uncertain economical conditions many businesses are currently reluctant to commit to a physical office and whilst I agree that Easy Offices are seeing an increasing number of requests for the service, I am not so sure that it will be the future for “most businesses”. There are certainly a lot of companies who are seeing the benefits of a virtual office lease particularly amidst the current downturn, for further information on the benefits of a Virtual Office please see

  3. I used to live in Leeds as a student so this brings back great memories, it sure has changed since I was there! How do I go about booking up an office there please?

  4. Good post. Nice information has been given about the virtual office. Thanks for sharing this useful information. Now a days more people use virtual office for their business. They are very much benefited to the business people.

  5. The three serviced office which you have mentioned in the post are really nice and good. Thank you for sharing such a nice and useful information about the serviced office. I use virtual office and services for my business.

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