Where To Find The UK’s Most Sustainable Offices

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We’re all trying to make more conscious decisions when it comes to sustainability, and making small steps in the right direction can make all the difference. If you’re wondering how to make your office more sustainable, consider working from an eco-friendly office. We round up the most sustainable offices across the UK and give you eco-friendly office ideas to help you on your journey to becoming more green.

How to make your office more eco-friendly

Finding sustainable offices can be challenging. With buildings designed to host hundreds of people utilising electricity and heating all day, we know the importance of finding eco offices that promote a more environmentally friendly approach. However, it’s key that we are also making small changes to help our office space become more environmentally friendly. Here’s some quick and simple ways to make changes:

  • Go paperless. Avoid printing where possible and try to make the switch to digital documents to help reduce paper waste.
  • Shop for eco-friendly lunch boxes instead of bringing in plastic containers. We love the Wearth bamboo lunch boxes
  • Try ‘waste reduction’ challenges to get the whole team involved. Whoever prints the least or recycles the most that month can win gift vouchers or other small prizes!
  • Bring in a desk plant to improve indoor air quality and bring some nature into the office environment.
  • Ditch disposable cups. If you have water machines in your office, this might come with paper or plastic cups. Encourage your team to bring a reusable cup instead. This also applies to coffee cups. 
  • Research eco-friendly cities. Finding cities that align with your goals can help make your search for eco offices much easier.
  • Try green commuting by cycling to work or taking public transport. You can filter your search for office space with bike racks. Start your search now.

Our top picks for sustainable offices in the UK

When choosing a sustainable office for rent, don’t forget to use filters on the Easy Offices website to narrow down your search. As we mentioned, green commuting is such an easy start to finding eco offices. Try cycling or walking to your new office space, and make sure to filter down an office for rent with bike racks and showers if needed. 

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Sustainable offices have taken off across the UK, with more creative and eco-friendly spaces popping up across the nation. With coworking spaces, hot-desking and flexible office space heavily appealing to creative, young professionals, it would be simply outdated if a workspace wasn’t moving towards a greener footprint. Eco-friendly lifestyles have become more popular over the past few years, with many younger generations turning to veganism and environmentally friendly brands, so why should it stop when it comes to their office space? 

We’ve taken a look at some of the most eco-friendly cities in the UK to find our favourite sustainable offices. 

  1. Temple Meads, Bristol

With Bristol being the first city in the country to declare a climate emergency, they set out to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030. It’s become a hub for alternative transport, with cycle lanes popping up across the city, as well as complimentary bike and scooter storage and affordable public transport to help encourage more commuters to help reduce the number of vehicles on the road. 

Temple Meads in Bristol generates income to run projects that deliver growth, inclusion, and sustainability for the economy and the next generation. They strongly encourage all visitors to travel sustainably wherever possible, and this is why they’re one of our favourite sustainable offices.

  1. Piccadilly Place, Manchester

Manchester is fast becoming one of the most eco-friendly cities in the UK. With their residents playing a huge part in environmentally friendly decisions, they are on track to hit their 2038 carbon-neutral promise. 

It’s not surprising that Piccadilly Place offers a beautiful glass office space with style and sustainability in mind. It is the only building in Manchester to have been awarded a BREAM (Building Research Environmental Assessment Method) rating of ‘excellent’. 

  1. Concourse Way, Sheffield

Did you know Sheffield is home to more trees per person than any other city in Europe? This green paradise boasts walkable access to the Peak District, one of the country’s most beautiful national parks. With effortless, quality-of-life, Sheffield is bound to keep your staff and clients happy. 

Check out Concourse Way in Sheffield for an office space that projects an ultra-modern image, and enjoy working in a light-filled, energy-efficient workspace.
Eco offices are the way forward in making green steps. Start searching for sustainable offices with Easy Offices today.

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