Inigo Serviced Offices in Bath Reveal Secret to 2009 Success

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Serviced office operator Inigo is one of the few companies around that seem to actually be enjoying the downturn!  A recent article in The Bath Chronicle revealed how business has stepped up a notch this year for Inigo’s serviced office centre in Bath.  Enjoying high occupancy levels, the centre has just four offices remaining vacant and has taken on the majority of its clients this year.  So just how is the flexible office space operator generating increased business in the midst of the downturn?


Inigo launched their attractive Georgian business centre in Bath back in July last year.  The centre was opened on a real high note after the company signed up no other than celebrity chef Jamie Oliver as their first client with the help of office broker Easy Offices!  As reported by Easy Offices’ news site at the time, Jamie Oliver signed up for a six workstation office in Bath in line with the launch of his restaurant “Jamie’s Italian” in the City (read the full article at “Offices to Rent in Bath Get Celebrity Status” )


The serviced offices were opened after a long search and refurbishment process that helped to create some truly stunning office accommodation in the heart of the City on Queen Square.  During the renovation period Inigo opted to keep many of the building’s original features, respecting the traditional style of the property, whilst installing the latest in business technology alongside.  Shortly after opening Business Centre Manager Sarah Ryder told Easy Offices that, in keeping with Inigo’s core value, the focus of the new centre is on “Outstanding customer service”, she said “It is a truly stunning Georgian building, nothing like this exists in Bath, we are offering our clients something really special.”  


Sarah also told the Bath Chronicle: “A year or two ago people might have taken on their own premises but now is not the right time to be committing to a five-year lease.” She added that they had businesses moving to Bath because of the better quality of life that the City can offer.  What the Bath offices appear to be providing companies both large and small is the complete recession-busting package without resorting to the “cheap and cheerful” approach adopted by others.  Clients get a fantastic working environment and prime location together with flexible office space at a time when short term commitment and low set up costs are far more favourable than long term leasing.


In July this year Easy Offices news site released a press release on behalf of Giles Curtis, Managing Director of Inigo.  The article explored the benefits that serviced office operators are seeing during the recession, as well as potential dangers facing the industry.  Mr. Curtis explained: “The not so good news is the perception that we have to slash our prices in order to survive.  Whilst the overall level of demand may be less than it was eighteen months ago there is a reduced amount of serviced space on offer.  Surely we should only be reducing our charge slightly in order to reflect the actual market place for serviced offices.  At the end of the day no matter how much prices are reduced there will be same number of businesses opting for our product.  In the real world things have a funny habit of going full circle and in this instance all operators will end up with much the same occupancy as they would have had without the price cutting that is going on.  Just as marginal operators offering “serviced” space because they do not know what else to do with it are damaging for our industry in the long term so are price cutters.”


True to their word, Inigo have continued to offer a quality product plus a service that caters specifically to the needs of what the modern business wants, now.  Flexible lease terms and all-in monthly pricing packages, together with a quality working environment is what Inigo is all about and why the company has continued its popularity with businesses ranging from major internationals to one and two man bands despite a challenging economy.


Source: Bath Chronicle, “How Firms Can Cut Costs Without Affecting Quality”, 20.08.09


To see Inigo’s Serviced Offices in Bath CLICK HERE or call for viewings on 0800 085 5050


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