Fun Friday Quiz: Are YOU an Office Worker or Home Worker?

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Working at home can sound like dream to many but it could turn out to be a real nightmare for some!

Have you ever wondered how you would cope working from home?

Would you thrive in the comfort and familiarity of the home setting or crave the formality of the office to keep your attention on the job?

Answer the multiple choice questions below, making a note of the letter that you give for each answer, and find out at the end whether you are better suited to working in the office or at home!

  • Question 1: When you are around your colleagues do you mostly feel….

A: motived

B: distracted

C: calm

  • Question 2: When an argument breaks out in the office do you…

A: sit up to attention and enjoy the day’s drama

B: wish you weren’t there and find an excuse to leave until its over

C: try to ignore it but find yourself listening in

  • Question 3: When you get ready for work in the morning do you…

A: find something to wear easily and give it little thought

B: hate the fact that you have nothing to wear

C: generally get dressed in the same low-key, easy style

  • Question 4: You are at home working on the computer when an email comes in from a friend, do you…

A: minimise your work and answer it immediately

B: finish off the work you are doing and wait until your break to answer the email

C: have a glance at it but then carry on working

  • Question 5: Your boss suggests that you collaborate with a few of your colleagues on a project, do you feel….

A: excited to share your ideas and bounce off others

B: that this is going to be a bit of a drag, you would rather work by yourself

C: happy to do it as a one-off but generally prefer to work alone

  • Question 6: Your colleagues ask you to bring your lunch hour forward so that someone will be available to answer the phones over the break periods, do you feel…

A: happy to change your own schedule to fit in with the team

B: irritated, you dislike changing your routine and prefer to stick with a schedule that suits you

C: mildly put out but relatively happy to go along with it

  • Question 7: Your boss is considering buying in tidy shirts with the company logo on for the staff to wear, do you say…

A: “Ok! Perhaps it will make us feel like more of a team”

B: “No way! I’d feel uncomfortable wearing something like that”

C: “It might make us look a bit smarter but can we have dress-down fridays?”

  • Question 8: You are driving to work and get stuck in a traffic jam, do you…

A: Distract yourself by turning the radio on and accept the inevitable delay

B: Get depressed and feel yourself falling into a bad mood

C: Feel irritated that you are in yet another jam but tolerate it as you always do

  • Question 9: You are at the office and feel un-motived to do your work, do you….

A: Start up some gentle banter with your colleagues to raise office spirits

B: Make yourself a cup of tea and give yourself a ten minute break before continuing

C: Carry on working anyway because you know the boss is looking over your shoulder

  • Question 10: Your colleagues are trying to arrange a social event. Do you think…

A: Good! Should be fun

B: I see enough of my colleagues all day without seeing them in the evenings too!

C: I’ll wait and see what it is and then make an excuse if I don’t want to go!

You answered…

Mostly A s – Office-Worker! you are a classic office-worker. You get a buzz from working with others around you and crave the social interaction of your colleagues. You feel comfortable working in a more formal office environment and would find yourself easily distracted at home where you would feel isolated. You are happy to work in a team and to work with, and around, the time schedules of your colleagues.

Mostly B s – Home Worker! Working at home suits you well. You are self-motivated and have the ability to stay focused on your work away from the office environment, which you often find distracting. While interacting with your colleagues and idea generating is fine from time to time you prefer working off your own ideas than as part of a constant team effort. Flexible hours and working to your own time schedule is important to you.

Mostly C s – Part-time Office, part-time Home Worker! You may enjoy working in the office more than you think. While the day-to-day office slog and daily commute can sometimes feel like a burden you generally like to feel part of the office atmosphere. Working at home may be a good solution for escaping the office drama every now and then but staying in daily contact with your colleagues face-to-face is important to you.

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